Affordable Travel In One of the World’s Most Expensive City – Singapore

Affordable Travel In One of the World’s Most Expensive City – Singapore

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For many years in a row, Singapore has been placed as the world’s most expensive city to live in! So does this mean that everything in Singapore is expensive? Nope! Fret not! We would like to share some tips on how you can have a pleasant travel experience at a low cost in Singapore.

Get the Ideal Mode of Transport

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Singapore might be a small dot in the world map however, travelling from one end of the island as a tourist is an unavoidable reality. Tourists attractions in Singapore are not cluttered to a particular area but are spread across the island. This is to ensure that tourist visiting Singapore will get to enjoy every inch of this small city. Singapore offers many different modes of transport which you can choose from. From the luxurious rickshaws which enable you to savour different scenery, to Mass Rapid Transit trains which cross the island at breath-taking speeds, old fashioned busses, friendly taxi cab services and of course not forgetting personalised private chartered services. However with so many available options, you’ll need to decide which one is ideal for you, especially if you want to have a trouble-free airport transfer in Singapore.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

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The Mass Rapid Transit popularly known as MRT is an efficient, fast and comfortable way to get around the city. It offers affordable, hassle-free and reliable services every day almost 24 hours daily. All you need is just an EZ Link card. You can purchase an EZ link card at any MRT stations in Singapore and it gives you access to any public transport vehicle in Singapore at affordable rates. Because of its reliability, affordability, and speeds, the MRT is a favourite amongst the locals alsthough it could get crowded during rush hours – well, as would be in any other major city 🙂

Pick The Public Bus

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Singapore’s public bus service consists of a wide and efficient network, which covers nearly the entire island – yes every corner of this island is accessible by bus. Each day, over 300 buses line up to deliver up to four million rides to the residents. The public bus is an excellent choice, especially for tourists and sightseers. If you are touring the city, get the Singapore tourist pass. A one day pass costs about SGD 10 but gives you close to unlimited access. Just take a seat next to the window and enjoy the bustling and lively city’s streets. Due to the endless choices of routes available, do make sure to check the directory or enquire with one of the bus attendants for proper information regarding the right bus service to take to get to your destination.

Take A Personalised Private Charter – Maxi Cab

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Maxi CAB 7 seater

If you are looking for comfort, speed, and exquisite service, there is no doubt that taxi cabs will give you the fastest, most personalized and most comfortable rides across Singapore at any time.  But ordinary taxi cabs are only able to take a limited number of passengers thus if you are travelling in a group, multiple taxis to move around will cost you a substantial amount. To ease those travelling in groups at an affordable budget, you can book maxi cab in Singapore and get vehicles such as a 7 seater maxi cab at amazingly affordable rates. What’s more, some companies offer special discounted rates for family travel. Maxi cabs in Singapore are the perfect choice for family travel. So, whether you are on a tight budget or planning to save more money, i mean its always good to save money 🙂 , we hope these tips will help you pick the right travel transportation partner when you are visiting us here in Singapore.