Benefits of Long Term Staff Shuttle Services

Benefits of Long Term
Staff Shuttle Services

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Staff or employee shuttle services are now provided by companies to benefit their employees in reaching the office easily and well on time. These are known as long-term staff shuttle services and many companies  in Singapore have already introduced them to their staff to promote corporate travel. There are many attractive features of such a shuttle service that make it a preferred choice of a majority of employees even those who have the facility of a private car at home but who would like a more convenient option to travel to and from their workplace. Long term shuttles are mostly used for offsite transportation, corporate events, gatherings, work functions, and the like. The buses used for this purpose have the capacity to hold up to 45 people. The seats are comfortable with added benefits of a PA system, radio, iPod or CD dock, and LCD screen or TV. Moreover, the high-back reclining design of the seats make long journeys extremely relaxed and enjoyable.

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Long term staff shuttle services can be availed by anyone who plans on transporting a good number of people from one place to another. Whether it’s a school function or trip, a sports event, or a wedding function, these shuttles come in handy because there is no other bus with a capacity to accommodate up to 45 people conveniently.

For company staff, these buses can be used to drop them off at a stop or pick them up from their homes to arrive at a destination. They allow to save time and money and are therefore quite attractive for the employees. Companies can take their employee benefit program to the next level by introducing long-term staff shuttle services. They usually pick up people from metro stops, airports, hotels, parking lots, and long-standing conventions. The service come in handy when there are company guests, clients or other stakeholders to be picked up from the airport and dropped off at their hotels or other destinations. Whenever there is a corporate event, the bus can be used to transport employees to the event venue.