Singapore Maxi CAB at your service 24/7

Singapore Maxi CAB at your service 24/7

Maxi CAB 7 Seater bookings for Transfers to Airport, Attractions, Wheel-chair, Bicycle & even Bulky Items

Singapore Maxi CAB Hotline 24hrs @ +65 6200 7759

Riding in a maxi cab will always work out to be the cost efficient option if there are more than 4 people or if you have big luggage travelling with you and all these can’t fit in one sedan. Having fixed rate pricing also means that what you are paying is already inclusive of all toll charges such as the ERP and also no price hike should there be a massive traffic jam along the way. At MaxiCABooking SG, we are not the cheapest with prices, however we do ensure that the prices that we charge are equivalent to the services that we render.  The flat rate that we offer are absolutely affordable – cheaper than taking 2 sedans at a time to travel together and to top it off the vehicles we offer are all clean and well maintained. Not only that we also have a range of vehicle models to suit your needs and budget – namely the 6 seaters, 7 seaters, 9 seaters and also our 13 seater vehicles. No matter which is your choice ultimately, you can always be ensured that you will get a comfortable cab guaranteed. All our vehicles are less than 5 years old and well maintained. We at MaxiCABooking SG ensures that our vehicles are regularly serviced to provide the best ride to our customers.

Ideal for family or friends transportation for 5 to 13 pax.

Need to get a maxicab at wee hours in the morning as you have a red eye or early morning fight to catch? No worries, at MaxiCABooking SG, you will be able to book for a maxicab 24*7, all you will need to do is to do a prior booking – at no additional charges of course – and will get the assigned driver to pick you up at your desired location and timing. No more hassle of trying to frantically worrying in getting a cab no more! For current bookings, you can also drop our customer support a call and we will allocate the nearest driver we have to you for your pickup. These will typically be in the range of 10-20 mins on average. All drivers assigned are trained professionally. They will be calling the customers 10 minutes prior to the assigned pickup time to inform that they are on the way. With this, our customers will also be able to get ready and all will be good to go at the assigned time. There are many other reasons for you to choose us at MaxiCABooking SG, one thing we can ensure you is that our rates are affordable, our drivers are experienced and we will provide you our customers the best service that we can offer. Make your booking with us now and we look forward to serving you as our customer.