The Convenience of a 7, 9 or 13 Seater Passenger Van Bookings

The Convenience of a 7, 9 or 13 Seater Passenger Van Bookings

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Are you planning an upcoming road trip with a large group of people, but are also happen to be trying to save time, money and resources? When you book a 7, 9, or 13-passenger van rental with MaxiCABooking SG, you completely eliminate the hassle of having to coordinate multiple car bookings to accommodate every member of your travel entourage, which ultimately saves you a significant amount of money in the process. Plan ahead and book a large, comfortable passenger van rental designed to accommodate all of your luggage and with room to spare! Due to the simple fact that everyone you’re traveling with is going to the same place, it only makes sense that the group travels in one van, instead of cramming everyone into several sedan vehicles. By grouping all of your passengers together in one 7-passenger, 9-passenger or 13-passenger van bookings, you’re not only ensuring that each person is able to ride in maximum comfort, you’re also able to build a stronger bond with the group of people you’re traveling with. Aside from comfort and comradery, when you book a passenger van on your next trip, you’re also ensuring you’ll be able to stay on a time schedule that works for you. If you won’t be traveling with 12 other people, MaxiCABooking SG is still able to help you arrange a passenger van rental that will best suit your needs. We offer everything from the 13 passenger van rentals that we’ve highlighted throughout this page, as well as bigger options such as our 20 seater and 44 seater buses.

Space and Comfort Without Comprising Safety

Even if you won’t need a 9 or 13 passenger van rental, choosing rent a bigger vehicle that is a bit smaller is a great option for travellers who will need to transport a lot of additional luggage. Perhaps you’ve spent the majority of your vacation shopping and have acquired lots of shopping bags, or maybe you will be traveling with bulky sporting equipment like bicycles and golf bags. For your convenience, all extra seats that are not being used are able to be folded down and used to store suitcases and other large items. Beyond extra luggage room, all travellers are eager to ensure that their travel companions are safe while driving on unfamiliar roadways. When you have a passenger van booking at your disposal, you can rest assured knowing that your passengers are not only safe, but are also riding in absolute comfort.

13 Seater Passenger Van

All you have to do is to reach out to us to start the enquiry process and assist you in planning for a fuss and stress free holiday. Our customer support team are available up to 15 hours daily and most importantly they are just a call / whatsapp or email away to assist you. We at MaxiCABooking SG am looking forward to be of service to you.

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