Types of vehicles and services

Types of vehicles and services

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When transportation such as the Maxi CABs, Mini BUSes, Coach Buses and Limousine services are needed b y our customers for different events and occasions, MaxiCABooking SG  came to mind. For those who are unsure in regards to which maxicab service or package to choose, here is good news for you. We have compile a quick guide of our services to help customers choose the right package.

1) Hourly Disposal

The maxi cab 7 or 9 seater and mini bus 13 seater are available for hire on hourly basis. This package is ideal for customers who plans to have multiple pick-up points and drop-off within the hours booked.

Convenient is an understatement especially if you are travelling with a big group!  Gone are the days where you are being separated in two different cabs or having to call two cabs each time you are ready to go to their next destinations.

Plus, with MaxiCABooking SG,  the longer your usage is, the cheaper our hourly rate gets! And you will have the same vehicle and driver with you throughout the entire trip.

This also works best if you’re transporting bulky equipment and need a large vehicle that can accomodate equipment along with passengers as well for travelling to multiple locations. We have a wide selection of packages catered for each individual needs and budget.

2) Whole Day Charter

Tired of calling for a taxi every time you need to move around? Looking to do a whole day of shopping on different spots, visiting multiple tourist attractions daily to maximize your holiday or simply booked for several meetings during the day during your business trip?

MaxiCABooking SG is here for you. We have multiple vehicle selection to suit your needs and a full pledged customer support team to assist you with all your queries. All you need to do is advice us your schedule and itinerary for the day / days and we will take care of the rest!

We have another bonus for our customers 🙂 Here on holiday and just hates the long queues at all attractions spots? Fret not! You will be able to purchase tickets to the best Singapore attractions are also available in our offices.

Simple as One.. Two… Three! All taken care of in one place – that is us at MaxiCABooking SG!

3) One-way Transfer or Point to Point Transfer

This is ideal if you are looking to make a trip from one place to the next. It could be for your family outings, company events 

We at MaxiCABooking SG offers you this service at a fixed rate. This will ease your worry on ERPs, traffic jams and other surcharges. Best is, you can avoid having to wait for a cab and standing in queue!

4) Airport Transfer

First time in Singapore or just back from a shopping trip in Bangkok, MaxiCABooking SG  offers you the best solutions for your airport transfers. With a wide fleet of multiple sizes, you can book a ride to take you and your luggage safely as you get off the airport.

Our drivers are trained to readily assist you with your luggage and the rest is history. All you need to do is to rest in the vehicle and you will be at your designated hotel or home before you know it!

5) Bus Charters Services

You have more people travelling together? Ah ha! We have bus charter services that can seat 20, 30 and 40 people with enough space for luggage. This service is perfect for company outings, club tours and big events.

Now you don’t want that big group of people getting lost or into road trouble. So if you’re trying to get a ride that is safe, comfortable and fits your budget, MaxiCABooking SG is the right company to call for your bus charter needs.