Benefits of Mini BUS Rental in Singapore

Benefits of Mini BUS Rental in Singapore

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Minibuses could comfortably ferry groups of 10 to 13 passengers or tourists. Reason being why mini bus rental are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. The mini bus 13 seater are not only usually hired by tourists, even the native Singaporeans are progressively showing more interest in going for a minibus rental charter when it comes to traveling together in groups. Hiring a chartered minibus would appear to be the most suitable alternative particularly if you’re overseeing the transportation of a group of travelers, irrespective of the size. MaxiCABooking SG is a forefront vehicle rental outfit based in Singapore that enables both visiting individuals and locals to rent a limousine or minibus from its extensive fleet. What are the advantages or benefits of minibus rental service in Singapore?

An array of vehicles to choose from

MaxiCABooking SG takes pride in offering a well-maintained fleet of 7-seater maxi-cabs and 13-seater minibuses. The minibuses and maxi-cabs provided by this minibus charter service agency have sufficient space that will enable your group to sit comfortably without compromising on leg room or storage space. The vehicle hire outfit also maintains 20/30/40-seater bus charters that you can consider booking if your group comprises of more than 13 passengers. All the vehicles also have adequate room for fitting in and storing luggage conveniently.

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Choosing The Wrong Vehicle
Limo CAB 4 Seater
Limo CAB 6 Seater
Maxi CAB 7 Seater
Maxi CAB 9 Seater
Maxi Taxi 7 Seater
Mini BUS 13 Seater
Party BUS 13 Seater

Vehicles equipped with all the modern facilities or amenities

Our premium minibuses are equipped with all the state-of-the-art facilities that add to the comfortable factor of all the passengers. Each and every seat in the vehicle is well-cushioned allowing the passenger to settle in comfortably. There is a reading lamp above every seat, clean aisles, and much more. Singapore, despite having an excellent network of roads, highways, and flyovers witnesses snarl-ups and bottlenecks almost every day. Fortunately for passengers, the minibuses of MaxiCABooking SG are fitted with traffic tracking software that helps the driver to bypass the logjam and steer the vehicle via a short-cut. Ultimately, passengers get to their destination on time without having to sacrifice comfort.

Safe transfer

The chauffeur behind the wheels of our minibuses are experience and seasoned drivers who knows the streets and roads of Singapore like the back of their head. So, you and your group can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. Travel comfortably and arrives at all your chosen destination safe yet on time as per scheduled,

Affordable rates and transparent invoices

Not only the rates of MaxiCABooking SG’s minibus charter compare favorably with those of its competitors but the invoices sent to customers are fully transparent that clearly mention the accounting heads. Depending on the requirements, the agency offers different capacity buses. Moreover, they make sure to offer all-inclusive quotes from beforehand with no hidden charges.

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