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Most companies these days engage a limousine service for their executives transportation to a high-profile venue in a Mercedes limousine 4 seater or a Toyota Alphard limousine 6 seater.

If you’re thinking of getting reliable and proffessional limo services for the next business meeting, what should you expect from the limousine agency?

Large fleet of vehicles

A well-experienced limo service provider would know how crucial it is to provide the right kind of vehicle suitable for a high-level corporate meeting and would always keeps a fleet of vehicles for important occasion including high-end ones like a Rolls Royce limousine.

The vehicles are not only clean and look presentable from the outside but are exclusive and comfortable inside as well. The limousine could  even be equipt with a car decal of the company logo for easy identification by guests. Onlookers stealing a glance would also immediately  recognises that this luxury vehicles are ferrying executives from your company. Our fleet of limousine services has vehicles of different seating arrangement and capacities starting from a 4-seater limo and up to our 13-seater limobus.

Reliable and prompt services

When it comes to corporate conferences and meetings, time plays an important role. Companies would hire a hotel or a venue appropriate for holding meetings and conference and have to make payment to reserve this premises. So, when there is a delay in starting or ending the meeting due to improper transport coordinating would means that the company will have to pay for the extra time needed. MaxiCABooking SG  gives our customers assurance that the vehicle assigned will arrive on time if not early to the right address so that customers could begin and end their meetings or conference on time.

Competitive rates

MaxiCABooking SG  rates are not the cheapest in the market however our rates are definitely very competative. We do believe that being the cheapest does not mean the service provided will be good. With our competitive rates, we at MaxiCABooking SG can ensure that you will get the service that you need – from well maintained and clean vehicles to professional drivers. With this what you pay us at MaxiCABooking SG is worth the value. Our loyal customers will also be able to verify and testify for this πŸ™‚

Secure travel

Safety is our main concern for all our customers. We ensure that our customers will be driven with care. As a private limited company, we also do regular maintenance for our vehicles and ensure that our whole range of fleet are insured and has the relevant road tax needed as required by the Singapore Law. All our drivers also go through driving checks to ensure that they have a clean driving record.


MaxiCABooking SG does not only provide transport for you but we at MaxiCABooking SG aims to provide you with the whole experience. Having a wide range of different type of fleet ranging from the sedan 4 seater limosine to our huge 45 seater buses, we definitely have all the different type of vehicle for all your road trips.

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