Don’t stop the Party, Hire Premium Party Bus 11 Seater

Don’t stop the Party, Hire Premium Party Bus 11 Seater

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With the Premium Party Bus 11 seater service you can come to Lion City ready to party and you never have to suffer those lulls in between.

The Singapore Party Bus,  which fits 11 passengers, is the perfect choice for you if you’re traveling in large company and you wanna’ get into the right party spirit.

It is a verifiable fact that it takes people anything from half-an-hour to one hour to really loosen up at a party and start having fun.

Everything before that is just warm up, generally by ladling drinks down as much as necessary. But why waste all that precious Party time? Warm up for it on the way itself and step out in the correct spirit!

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The Premium Party Bus 11 Seater comes equipped with all the cool features you need for a successful party, replete with lasers and disco lights, smoke machines, led TVs and a heavy bass Sound System.

You could go to the party watching MTV and singing along all the way, or you could sync your own music to belt out your favorite numbers! In fact, you don’t even have to go to a party.

Just treat the Bus itself like your Party destination and travel around the city partying all the while. In fact, the premium party bus 11 seater will cost you as much as one-third of what a big event company would charge you. And then what, you’re fixed in a single space? No! With the party bus experience you could hit every single spot around the city! It’s a whole new way of exploring night-life.

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You could even pre-order your choice of drinks and beverages, though in that case you’ll have to place the order about 3 days before the booking date.

Or you could simply B.Y.O.D and pay a minimal corkage charge. With the premium party bus 11 seater you could surprise a friend coming over to Singapore, or give them a Farewell they’ll never forget.

You could go to marriages, birthdays, whatever, in style! You could simply book the service via SMS or WhatsApp by giving all the relevant information about time, destination, etc, and you don’t have to worry about anything else!

1 Way Transfer Within CBD Area

PB 1 Way City Transfer @ $130
PB 2 Way City Transfer @ $250
PB Premium 1 Way City Transfer @ $150
PB Premium 2 Way City Transfer @ $290
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Hourly Booking

Balloons add $20 & above
PB 1hr Booking @ $225
PB 2hr Booking @ $430
PB Premium 1hr Booking @ $260
PB Premium 2hr Booking @ $500

1 Way Transfer Outside CBD Area

PB 1 Way Transfer @ $160
PB 2 Way Transfer @ $300
PB Premium 1 Way Transfer @ $200
PB Premium 2 Way Transfer @ $380

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