Group Travelling in Total Comfort with US

Group Travelling in Total Comfort with US


Vacation time is a non-compromise commodity! True to heart, it’s not easy to go on a vacation, you will need lots of planning and enough time to save up for that perfect vacation that you have been eyeing for but after all this is sorted, comes the decision whether you should be a solo traveller and venture the world on your own and by your rules or seek the company of others and travel in a group be it with family, friends or acquaintances.


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Being a solo traveller mostly end up being a tiring and worrisome task – not only for you but also your family members back home. Being alone having to handle visa issues at immigrations, travelling around and seeking help especially in countries where language is a barrier and English is neither a second or third language and not to forget that most countries have their own laws and customs to follow that can be relatively unique in comparison to others worldwide. For example, chewing gum is no issue in most countries and are often treated as sweets with kids even eating them but in Singapore per say, gums are totally banned. Not only you can’t eat them, you can’t even have them with you and if you do you will be slapped with a significant amount of FINE!

Thus, we at MaxiCABooking SG will always suggest our clients to travel in groups. It is never easy to get everything planned and off your “travel to-do list” when you are in a group. Every single member has their own opinion and check list on what they want to do and cover in the travel but looking at the bright side – this will ensure that you will be able to cover the most in that country in the trip!
When travelling in a group, you also get the advantage of group discounts for accommodation and sharing the costs for meals. If you want value for money and get the most out of your trip, then this is the answer for you. Travelling in a group also takes away the hassle of organizing transport and negotiating on transfer rates and actually allowing you the travellers to enjoy the sight, scene and culture of the country.
We at MaxiCABooking SG will be able to assist and take your stress away on this. Our customer support team will be able to assist you with the best accommodation to suit your needs and your budget.


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As much as we hate to say this but the challenge does not stop there. Being on the road with a group might be the next hurdle. Travelling in a foreign country means that you would want everyone to be together in one vehicle.  At MaxiCABooking SG, we have different fleets to solve your problems – ranging from the our 7 seaters maxicab up to our 9 and 13 seater minibus which can easily accommodate up to 13 people all together in one vehicle. These range of fleets will also come with an additional space for keeping luggage and other belongings – making it the definite and chosen most ideal vehicle and people’s choice for traveling in groups.

All you have to do is to reach out to us to start the enquiry process and assist you in planning for a fuss and stress free holiday. Our customer support team are available up to 15 hours daily and most importantly they are just a call / whatsapp or email away to assist you. We at MaxiCABooking SG am looking forward to be of service to you.


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