Hunt the Rarest Pokemons with MaxiCABooking

Hunt the Rarest Pokemons with MaxiCABooking

Book a maxicab or minibus nowPokemon Go live in Singapore, fans are on a frenzy to catch ‘em all! Pokemon trainers here have joined forces with fans all around the world in this new and popular overnight craze and are on the move to seek out Pokemon monsters and take over gyms for their chosen teams out in real live locations.

Chances are you’ll  find people everywhere in Singapore  and of all ages hooked on their mobile devices as they join the hunt. You’ll find them anywhere this days, be it in restaurants, parks, crossing  the street, out in the balcony and even in public  restrooms!

So if you’re one of them who is out to be the very best that no one ever was, and you want to start catching more monsters and score finds from Pokémon stops, book a maxi cab with MaxiCABooking SG and Be Driven in Style and Confort to these Pokemon Havens all around Singapore. Check out these locations to live the catcher’s dream:

Bukit Batok Park

If you’re on the hunt for the less common ones like Ekans, Sandshrew you’ll find them here. There’s also abundant sightings of Magikarp, Krabby and Paras if you’re up to build some XP or load up on candies to evolve them.

The entrance has a number of Pokestops to load up on supplies for your hunt, and you can expect to catch between 13 to 15 Pokemon in 2 hours’ time.

And you can enjoy the hunt real close to nature with some fresh air and a good view.

ION Orchard

It’s a haven to catch many different Pokémon not only because it’s crowded with other users using lures, has many Pokestops not too far from each other but even the manager of the mall is getting ready to throw out a ton of Pokemon lures to attract a ton of Pokemon Monsters.

It’s an awesome stop because you can enjoy lunch at a restaurant perfectly set between Pokestops, expect to have a good catch in an hour and even enjoy shopping while you’re on the hunt.

You can opt to continue with the hut and keep all your shopping bag at our maxi cab for safe keeping until you’re ready for the next stop.

Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden

These two neighboring gardens not only offer a relaxing and beautiful view for walks but they are now Pokemon havens with about 20 Pokestops, 3 gyms and a lot of Pokemon sightings. Sightings include the rare Gyarados too.

You’ll also enjoy the view and you can surely walk enough kilometers to hatch few eggs.

Famous Tourists Spots

Now that Pokemon hunt can serve a double purpose. You can get to tour around wonderful tourists pots in Singapore as you enjoy your hunt. These spots are known to have a good number of gyms and Pokestops very close if not actually on famous landmarks and statues.

If you’re on the hunt with a Pokemon trainer entourage, our maxi cab and mini bus service can take you on this tour/Pokehunt around Singapore. Skip recklessly crossing streets or dangerously driving while Poke hunting, just get your app up, and let us know which monsters you’re after, we’ll drive you to the perfect catcher’s dream so you can catch ‘em all.

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