Malaysia Road Trip

Malaysia Road Trip

MaxiCABooking SG is a One Stop Portal for all your personal and company transportation needs. We have the perfect vehicle to fit your requirements for every occasion. Known for its experienced in handling big group of passenger movements, MaxiCABooking SG is and always have been a trusted provider who can get your team / families / friends to any location and back comfortably and most importantly safely. 

With a range of vehicles starting from the smaller 6 seaters to the mid-range 13 and 20 seaters and ultimately right up to our large 44 seaters, MaxiCABooking SG has all the transport hire option to suit your needs be it for a corporate function, major festivals like Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya or Christmas, school event or even just for a large group of friends on your way to an event. Planning for a road trip to Malaysia for corporate team bonding, school trips or personal road trips, guess what? MaxiCABooking SG has now crossed the border! You read it right! We have now expanded our services to Malaysia!

Travelling for road trips to any part of West Malaysia will now be as easy as A B C. Our vehicles can be chartered for one way transfers to any part of Malaysia – even if you are planning for a diving trip to one of the beautiful islands in Terengganu.

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Not the adventurous sort? More of a shopaholic or a foodie? Well.. we have the right fit for you too! MaxiCABooking SG also has vehicles available for whole day charter – meaning you have the driver with you for 12 hours a day at your disposal. Its shopping made easy – you can now hop from malls to malls without having to worry of the hassle to get a taxi. For our foodie, our daily charter is also suitable for you to leisurely drive up for fresh seafood in Kukup and maybe even bring some back home to Singapore!

No matter what option you need, we at MaxiCABooking SG have the bus hire to suit not only you but also your hobbies. Designed to fit multiple needs and budget ranges, our buses, coaches and charters are ready and waiting to get you moving. Reach out to us to start the enquiry process. Our customer support team are just a call / whatsapp or email away to find the right coach for you and assist you in booking your transport.

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