Maxi Cab for F1 Race 2016 – Prepping for the Big Event

Maxicab 7 seater BookingSingapore is hosting a grand event in the motor world as F1 Night Race unravels on September. The 3-day event is a full-packed occasion, making it one of the most awaited events of the year. Thus, locals and tourists are expected to visit SG and take part in the celebration. The increase in tourism also signals the high demand for hotel accommodations and most importantly, the ideal transportation around the metro. It is wise to book a maxi cab for F1 Race 2016 if you are coming over in the Merlion City.


Why choose maxi cab for F1 Race 2016 transport service?

The right kind of transportation solution makes a world of difference in your SG getaway. Singapore will be jam packed with visitors far and near. Make sure you don’t encounter any hassles when you are in the city especially with family, friends, and colleagues. Maxi cabs or minibus charters are excellent choices. There are numerous reasons why this type of transport service is highly recommended especially by frequent SG tourists. Once you have tried maxi cab solutions, you will never choose any other transport services again.


Perks of Maxi Cab Services

Here are some of the top benefits when you ride a maxi cab for F1 Race 2016:

  • Hassle-Free Ride. You need not hail a taxi or painstakingly put up with public transits. All you have to do is make your appointment and you are good to go. There are no problems with rides or waiting in queue because you have private transport service at your beck and call. Convenience is definitely a guaranteed advantage with maxi cabs.
  • Luxury Ride. You can choose from a wide range of sophisticated and classy models for your maxi cab solution. There are options such as the Alphard/Vellfire model from Toyota, Rolls Royce, and so much more. Luxury is no longer a privilege for the rich and famous especially when you book a maxicab service in Singapore.
  • Cost Effective Ride. You may initially think that it is an expensive transport option. However, the savings you will enjoy in the long haul is worth every dollar. There are also packages for maxi cab for F1 Race 2016 to choose from. You can pick the ideal package that is within your budget range and nothing more.
  • All in One Ride. Everyone gets accommodated in one amazing ride. Now you can choose the vehicle that offers the seating capacity which is perfect for your group. There are huge minibuses or charter buses for much larger F1 race enthusiasts. You can also spend and share your enthusiasm for sports with a special someone and book a limo ride for a more romantic twist.

Visiting Singapore on September 16th, 17th, and 18th is the best adventure especially for F1 buffs. Make sure you have the right accommodation especially the best transport solution that’s available in the metro. Learn more about maxi cab for F1 Race 2016 and enjoy your best ever SG getaway.