Maxi Cab : Your Private Ride All Around Singapore

Maxi Cab : Your Private Ride All Around Singapore


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Maxi Taxi #7 Seater

Maxi cab is one of the top picks for transport services especially in Singapore. Tourists and locals alike discover the perks of choosing this type of chartered ride.

The days of public transits and hailing cabs or even driving your own vehicle are over. Now you can certainly enjoy a private ride with family, friends and colleagues.

Maxicab service gives you effortless and hassle-free going around SG. This rental service is ideal for both business and pleasure. Good thing there are various companies that provide a wide range of services for different travel needs.

Benefits of a Maxi Cab Service

One of the top differences when hiring a maxicab service is the ability to travel in large groups. There are maxi cabs that are featured with 7-seater capacity while much bigger minibuses can accommodate up to a dozen passengers. Thus, one of the best perks of renting a maxi cab is that you can visit Singapore with everyone tagging along. Most importantly, your group can travel all together to enjoy the trip.

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Limo CAB #LuxuryTravel

It may not come to you as an initial idea but hiring a chartered maxi cab is quite cost-effective. In fact, it can save you a lot of money especially if you are on a limited travel budget. You can basically choose among numerous packages available.

There are transport packages that are ideal for budget-friendly options. You can also choose more luxurious and affluent rides such as the  Alphard or Vellfire Toyota service. Your group can divide the package rate and enjoy big savings. Make sure you shop and compare maxicab packages to get better and economical deals.

Comfort and luxury are two things that could definitely make a difference in your Singapore trip. You can experience the ultimate convenience when on board the most innovative maxi cab available today. There are various features and designs for maxicab such as fully air-conditioned and spacious interiors.

You can also find entertainment amenities jam-packed inside the unit for the most enjoyable travel. Some vehicle models are classy and sophisticated such as limo cabs for special occasions. All you have to do is browse through the available models to see the perfect ride for you.

Booking a Maxicab

You can choose from a wide range of booking solutions when renting a maxi cab. Enjoy your SG travel worry-free starting from your maxicab rental. You can book through calling their 24/7 hotline or customer service number. There are toll-free numbers from trusted charter companies. You can also use the Internet for more convenient and easy communications. Maxi cabs are available not only for tourists but locals as well. Most of these chartered rides are available for weddings and other special occasions.

It is high time to experience Singapore and explore the remarkable landmarks in the metropolis. Plan out your trip to the city and make sure you have everything booked and reserved. Start with your maxi cab booking and have a stress-free and enjoyable getaway in SG. Learn more about this transport service today!

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