Options Available When Hiring A Minibus In Singapore

Options Available When Hiring A Minibus In Singapore

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The Minibus 13 Seater Is The Best Transport Choice For Large Group Travel. If you are planning an important event for a big company party, you’ll need to consider how you are going to ensure everyone in your group is going to get around. One good solution would be to hire the minibus for travelling in Singapore. While a minibus is obviously not as big as a full-sized bus, it can still accommodate a lot more people than a car, maxi cab or MPV. If the size of your group is larger than 7 people, a minibus is an ideal sized vehicle to hire. A typical model can accommodate 13 adult passengers comfortably. Also, as it is smaller in size than the bigger 20 and 40 seater buses, means it can access most drop off points and driveway to alight the passengers. Usually for 20 seater and 40 seater buses, passengers has to be alighted much further than the main drop off point. And if looking for a private airport pick up transport vehicle that has plenty of space, it’s unlikely that you will be disappointed with hiring a minibus for your airport transfers.

Minibus Hire with Stylish Interior

In Singapore, appearances is everything, you would want to make sure you or your clients travel around in an exclusive vehicle with stylish interior and exterior . Fortunately, there are lots of modern, stylish minibuses available for rent. There are buses that comes with executive interior and there are even buses that comes with party atmosphere. Unlike minibuses in other countries around the world, which comes with standard factory interior. Most Singapore’s minibuses are equip with the latest office and electrical gadgets such as big screen TV paired with apple tv and play station for their customer entertainment while on the road.

Singapore Minibus Hire Is Affordable

The cost of minibus hire is obviously going to be an important factor when it comes to selecting the best method of travelling round for your group. The good news is that there are some very affordable minibus rental packages available and renting a 13-seater bus for a week does not cost anywhere close to what most people imagine. If you have a limited budget, there are many economy rental options available. When you compare the cost of individual tickets for public transport or taxi fares for everyone in your group, hiring a minibus soon starts to seem like the cheapest options.

A Range Of Options

When renting a minibus in Singapore, you could choose vehicles with or without a professional driver. If you’d prefer to be chauffeured around the city rather than rent a car and drive your self, minibuses with chauffeurs are available for hire, be it on per transfer or hourly basis. Regardless of what you want from your rental vehicle, minibus rental companies have options that will work for you. You might want to weigh up the benefits of each option before you contact a minibus hire company so you can be sure you are selecting the best option for your travel group before making a commitment. If you don’t have much knowledge about hiring a minibus in Singapore, today is a great day to start learning more. Research some of the choices on offer and see if you can locate the perfect option for you. You are guaranteed to have lots of fun during your trip to Singapore if your group hires a minibus.

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