Pokemon Go in Singapore Hunt Down All of Them with Us


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Pokemon Go in Singapore Hunt Down All of Them with Us!


Are you as the rest of the planet joining the craze to hunt them all? If you are, then hearing the news about Pokemon Go in Singapore must have gotten you all cited!

And for minorities who does not know what is all this Pokemon Go big fuzz is about, do be warned that once you are hooked on the hunt there’s no turning back. It’s taken a dramatic height of success, reaching more than 70 million installations in just less than a month from its launch date, and this game hasn’t even gone fully global yet.

It has quite an amazing concept combining the real world with this alternate reality with the use of GPS and mobile technology’s camera. It has its own share of rants and raves, and it hasn’t been perfect either with the reported incidents of server issues, which is likely to be a pressure on the provider and system with this unexpected quick rise in popularity, despite that new trainers keep signing up!

Can You Catch Them In Singapore?

Although there have been rumors it’s coming to SG, Pokemon trainers may have to hold their breaths a little longer as some concerned citizens have aired their own safety concerns, and one has actually written to The Straits Times Forum Page.

There have been some realistic concerns expressed on the game’s safety and has been met with a mix of dismay, anger and empathy.

Safety Issues

It’s all fun and games until someone is lured into a trap and locked with a shadow hold or fairy lock. It’s so dramatic! But seriously, there are legitimate concerns about safety, so players are advised not to get too drawn into the game and ensure they don’t forget what goes on in the real world too.

Some police departments, clinics and hospitals have shared how players have been brought in for care or abuse because of trespassing private properties, jumping on fences, or crossing moving traffic. Part of the concerns/criticism aired by this concerned citizen included the concern of Pokemon battles and characters apparently disturbing sensitive locations like the Arlington Cemetery and even the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

In response to this letter, the writer of the forum, Ella Young, acknowledged these as valid concerns and mentioned that the game developer of Pokemon Go could consider the public’s requests and concerns to exclude specific sensitive locations from the game. It shouldn’t be too hard since it uses GPS right?

Ready for a Pokemon Go Hunt?

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