Checklist Before Booking A Maxi CAB in Singapore

Checklist Before Booking A Maxi CAB in Singapore

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When booking a maxicab service, it is important to have some info of the company as well as details of the booking confirmation so that you are not mislead into paying more than what it’s suppose to be. Especially if it’s for the daily maxicab charter, you should ask what is included in the daily rate. Is there any mileage limits? Is the ERP and parking surcharge inclusive too? If there is any usage extension, what is the rate. And also your insurance options and liability in case of an accident. There is a lot more to know about when you make a maxi cab booking. You also have to be diligent and ready to ask pertinent questions.

Here is some example of need to ask questions for first-time travellers when booking a maxi cab in Singapore.

What is the Safety Procedures for Passengers?

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or not, your safety should never be compromise and are always is the first and above all the other things .

Check with the maxi cab company about their driver’s competency and if your designated driver has had any warning or traffic offence record. For the vehicle’s physical and electronic safety features, ask about the vehicle’s maintenance and how frequently the vehicles are subjected to safety checks.

How they Train the Crew?

While travelling in any type of vehicle especially on a whole day charter, it’s important to have a good driver and passenger relationship. And if you’re considering booking a maxi cab for an airport transfer to or from the Singapore Changi Airport, you would expect that the drivers have received the Land Transport Authority (LTA) accreditation. Also if the driver have had to go through other extra training which is related to the company’s transportation services.

Does their drivers had any basic first aid training and had also undergone basic customer relationship training. You wouln’t want to board a maxi cab in Singapore with a driver who doesn’t know what to do when there is an accident or with a very bad customer service attitude.

The Company’s Vehicle Fleets Average Age

Who would one want to travel in an old, noisy vehicle that spurns black smoke like a steam engine train. That may be an extreme, especially if you are booking for a maxi cab which is known to be a robust vehicle with luxurious and comfortable interior. Knowing the fleet’s age will tell you roughly if there’s any chances of having a breakdown and whether the vehicle’s other amenities such as the air conditioning are still in good shape.

Lastly, Check the Company’s Experience in the Transportation Services

If you are a first-time traveller to Singapore, you would like to engage a reliable and world-class transport company. So that you could expect a proffesional and experienced driver picking you up whenever you engage their services. And you know deep inside that if something unfortunate were to happen, your designated driver would know what to do.