Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking A Maxi CAB

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking A Maxi CAB

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Whenever there’s a holiday approaching, most Singaporeans would take this opportunity to have a break from their endless pile of work or school even is it’s just for a short holiday in neighbouring countries. And to simply gets away from all that hassle and bustle of the busy Lion city and replaced by a refreshing and relaxing resort is a winner.

Some customers would opt for vehicle rentals and self-drive to their destinations while most would choose to book maxi cab services to and from their destination. This is recommended so everybody could just sit back and relax on their way to their destination and able to enjoy the holiday to the max instead of arriving tired because of all that driving. But do take note that although booking a maxi cab is a highly recommended move, there are some common mistakes most people make, preventing them from having the best experience they should be getting.

Here’s a list of some of the mistakes you need to avoid when booking a maxi cab.

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Making The Last Minute Dash To Book

Some customers do take it for granted by always making a last minute booking for an airport transfer which is not advisable. Unforseen hiccups could happen any minute ending up, You missing your flight. Plus when making last minute booking, you could end up with wrong type of vehicle size that couldn’t accomodate everyone comfortably on top of the surging rate. But why does this happen exactly? The answer is straightforward actually, simply because you are not the only one trying to make a last minute maxi booking. There are other customers who, just like you, loves the trill and would wait till to the last minute to make a booking.

Taxi companies recognized this habit and came up with an easy way to cash in, by including a current booking surcharge on top the prevailing booking rates. So, if you have travel plans coming up soon, don’t hesitate but book your maxi cab well on time to avoid any inconvenience situations and actually save money at that.

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Avoid choosing The Wrong Vehicle

Maxi cab companies in Singapore offers standard vehicle type which is the 7 seater maxi cab and 13 seater minibus. Both comes with ample luggage space for travellers. The price differences between this vehicles are not much thus clients, who are in a hurry could book the wrong vehicle size and ends up with a vehicle that is either too big or too small for their need. For customers who may not know exactly which vehicle will suit their purpose. Do chat with our friendly customer service officers and enquire from A-Z if needed to. And most importantly ensure that you give correct details such as the addresses, number of passengers and luggages you have.

This will ensure you wouln’t end up paying extra for unused space or travel to your destination while seated in an awkward position because you have to share your seating space with your luggages. So, take all your time and verify your pick up details properly. To conclude, maxi cabs are an amazing and affordable way to travel. Avoid these mistakes and you are sure to have the best experience with each booking.

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