The Maxi CAB

The Maxi CAB

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We are all so used to our routine lifestyle so it’s not easy to try something different when you’re used or dependable to something,. Imagine waking up one morning over the weekend and your spouse or partner told you that they need your help to send them to multiple locations running your company errands. Arghh.. why do that? We at MaxiCABooking SG, have the solution just for you! Simply book our maxi cab on hourly basis with a personal chauffer to wait on you. No headache on route planning and you still get to spend quality time with your spouse or partner. You can just lay back comfortably on the maxicab plush seats in between errands, all at your own pace and timings.

1. Space – Normal Car vs Maxi CAB

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Ample luggage cabin size

An obvious answer when you compare a normal sedan car or taxi with a 7-seater Maxi cab. But is all that extra space useful for you? Well, firstly you can do a pick up and travel TOGETHER with your clients to company sites or meeting. If you’re travelling with equipment for a photoshoot, project or any other activity that requires you to travel together with your equipments without hassle. And when you book with MaxiCABooking SG you can always be sure that your equipment and valuables are always safe and secure.

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Attractions Transfers

A normal taxi could  and only allowed to take you from Point A to Point B running on meter. But if you book the maxi cab, you have the plus option of having a personal chauffeur for the time duration you have booked it for. This is especially important if you’re looking to travel to different locations, have multiple stop over to and at the same time have a schedule to keep to.MaxiCABooking SG  are known to always ensures our customers are always on time.

Singapore Maxicab for wheel-chair transfer
Wheel-Chair Transfer

Our maxicab drivers are trained in emergency and safety procedures apart from being properly trained to be professional in both their driving and work attitude. If you’re also travelling with a wheelchair bound person, hiring one of our maxi cab is the best option  for his/her comfortability and comes with ample space for the wheelchair. MaxiCABooking SG vehicles are equipped with approved wheelchair ramps that allows easier loading and unloading too.

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Ample Luggage Space

As our valued customers, you can be sure that ANY vehicle you book with MaxiCABooking SG is clean and vehicle is well maintained to the highest standards in both safety and comfort. Don’t take the risks of making a booking for an old run-down cab instead. Put your mind at ease and be assured everything will go smooth sailing when u book a maxicab with Us!

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Have you ever had to ride in a cab with a over-triendly driver who would share his world’s woes with you? Well, that will never happen when you book with MaxiCABooking SG Our drivers are always professional yet ready to provide you with assistance and information you need to make the most of your trip.

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Maxi Taxi 7 Seater

You can conveniently book a maxi cab with MaxiCABooking SG online or at just a phone call away. Apart from this, you could also get tickets to various attractions from us and forgo having to queue at the counters. More than just convenience in booking, if you’ve book a maxi cab with  MaxiCABooking SG  you know that you have our driver readily available at your disposal. This allows you some flexibility during your trip as well.

So why wait? It’s time to start a new and wonderful experience in your travels, don’t miss out on it. Book with MaxiCABooking SG  and see the difference for yourself, you deserve it.