Make Use of Maxicab and Minibus Wheelchair Transfer for Complete Safety

Make Use of Maxicab and Minibus Wheelchair Transfer for Complete Safety

MaxiCABooking SG also have vehicles assigned and fitted especially to cater for wheelchair transfers.

We know that it is always a challenge to find suitable transportation suitable for wheelchair bound passengers. Wheel-chair bound passengers would usually face much difficulties when it comes to hiring a suitable transport simply because most vehicles will need them to descend from the wheelchair and be carried into the vehicle.The wheelchair will then have to be folded and placed in the vehicle bonnet. With the introduction of Maxicab and minibus wheelchair transfer, there is no longer a need for this as the problem is now solved! Understanding that the most important aspect of a wheelchair transfer service is that it ought to offer a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey to the passenger and this is what these vehicles are designed to achieve, our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair rams.

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The seats of these mini buses are foldable, so that the space can be freed up for the wheelchair. The person doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their wheelchair when boarding the bus, van or cab. The company providing the service would also provide a means for the wheelchair to be lifted to its location inside the car. There would also be enough space for family members to sit with the wheelchair-bound passenger. These ease up the hassle of finding a suitable transport for medical appointments at the hospital or even going from one place to another independently. All our drivers are trained to ensure that the wheelchair is properly aligned during boarding and alighting. This is to ensure that the passenger is comfortable during the transfer.

Maxicab and minibus wheelchair transfer service is available within the click of a button or a phone dial away. We provide renter point to point transfer and also daily charter for our passengers. For charters that are charged on an hourly basis, our drivers will always be around to assist the passenger throughout the journey. With such services, you must have imagined that the cost to hire a vehicle like this will be expensive but the best thing about this service is –  it comes very cheap when compared to many other transport options! Moreover, the person doesn’t have to worry about arranging for a vehicle and experienced driver that can cater, as the price includes all this!

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