Book A Maxi CAB for your SG Tour Adventure

Book A Maxi CAB for your SG Tour Adventure

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Singapore is a small country that is also known as the Red Dot in Asia, but it does offers plenty of exciting things to do  and places of interests to visits while you’re here.

Once you’re gone for your SG Tour adventure, you can proudly say that you’re one among the millions and millions of people from around the world who visit and experience SG each year.

Whether you are travelling with just a small or large group and whatever your purpose of travelling is, hiring a maxi cab makes an effective transport service for you.

Reasons why it makes sense to Book a Maxi Cab for Your SG Tour

There are several good reasons why you should consider hiring a maxi cab for your next SG adventure. Take a look at them below:

  • Hiring a maxi cab for your next SG tour will assure you’ll be travelling in total comfort as a maxi cab comes with ample space that is just right for group travel. A maxi cab usually comes in different sizes such as the following: 7-seater, 9-seater and 13-seater . With this types of vehicles, you are able to travel together with every member of your group without the hassle of hiring few taxis to accommodate everyone.


  • Travelling in group has now been made easy. Booking a maxi cab  for your group’s dedicated transport service in Singapore gives you the chance not only to travel together all in one vehicle but also being able o enjoy this at reasonable rates. With standard flat rates, you will be able toi decide prior if the option suit your budget and not get a shock after the ride. MaxiCABooking SG also offers hourly and daily rates for those who which to have the maxicab with them for longer hours. These packages rates are cheaper and can be customised to suit your travelling plans.  To top it off, all our maxicab can be booked in advance with no additional advance booking fees! How awesome!


  • Touring in Singapore can be a hassle is you are travelling in a group. Caught in a peak period and you might not be able to get all of the group in the same public transport. Apart from that, you will also need to rub shoulders with the peak hour crowd. All these will give you a one-off experience for sure but it wont be the best choice if you need to face this on a daily basis during your trip. So why go through the hassle many times? Book a maxicab and the vehicle will be at your call whenever you need them.


  • MaxiCABooking SG offers our customers the best service and you don’t have to be an elite or pay a premium to enjoy them. Our professionally trained drivers will be able to assist you on the best routes and assist you throughout your stay. Our vehicles are also clean and regularly maintained to ensure that you will have a comfortable ride.


  • All our services are available just a call or a click away. Both our customer service call centre and online booking portal at our website will be able to provide you with the range of rates and services that we have to offer. So why wait, drop us a call or book online for your ride now !
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