Executive Minibus 13 seater Booking Options

Executive Minibus 13 seater Booking Options

When next planning a trip to Singapore for yourself and a few business colleagues, do consider MaxiCABooking’s Executive Minibus 13 seater Booking options. Travelling in comfort from airport to hotel, hotel to conference center, or hotel back to airport, needs to be just par for the course. Some customers may tend to choose one offered with cheaper rates but do bear in mind, it may not be as exclusive and comfortable as our vehicles which costs just a fraction more. Cheaper rates means low operation cost for the said company so don’t be shocked when your promised exclusive and comfortable ride is actually an old model and badly maintained vehicle or without customise interior which are usually used as a school bus. Either it’s stressing about the delegates, or fellow colleagues, will just start your important trip off on the wrong foot. Besides business trips, the Executive Minibus 13 seater Booking facility offers great choices for large groups of holiday passengers, or even large families.  If you want to travel in style, then the Executive Minibus Booking is the right way to go. Also for customers who are not aware would tend to book two 7 seater maxicab instead of renting or acquiring the services of a Mini Bus 13 Seater and end up paying more. Here we assure you, our trained and professional operators will recommend which vehicle or rates and packages most suitable for you and your budget.

What’s on offer?

  Simple, and quick Online Booking

  Accurately timed collection and easy to find driver via passenger’s name board

  Designated collection points

  Luggage collection assistance

  A friendly and professional driver

  Easy and no-fuss transport to your choice of destination

  Plenty of luggage room

  Spacious and executive style seating and facilities

  Knowledgeable driver participation should you wish to sight-see during your trip

The Executive Mini bus 13 seater booking will see you sorted and relaxing into your trip not worrying about anything else when you book through MaxiCABooking SG .

When it comes to the following options, our Executive Minibus 13 seater is all you need:

  Point to Point Transfer

  Airport Collection and Drop

  Hourly Charters

If you find that our 13 seater option isn’t sufficient, we can offer our coach buses, which will allow for that extra space you require. Sometimes on a trip, extra passengers joins in at the last minute, or the luggage number increased, or even the luggage size could make a real impact on the trip.  MaxiCABooking SG can accommodate no matter the issue. Simply let us know ahead of time, and we will adjust your booking as you go.  Arrive; join our chauffeur driver, and all the rest will be arranged for you.

Mini BUS

Point To Point Transfer @ $75
Airport Arrival w/o Meet n Greet @ $85
Hourly Charter for 2hr @ $150
Most Popular

Party BUS

Point To Point Transfer @ $125
Airport Arrival w/o Meet n Greet @ $165
Hourly Charter for 1hr @ $200

Mini BUS (Exclusive)

Point To Point Transfer @ $90
Airport Arrival w/o Meet n Greet @ $100
Hourly Charter for 2hr @ $180