Maxi Cab

Expect convenience when you make a maxicab booking for your transportation needs here in Singapore. At certain  times especially peak-hour, getting a taxi is almost an impossible task to most locals here, especially if you are travelling in big groups. In the Lion city, a maxi cab is known to be one of the most popular types of vehicles which are used by many locals and tourists for their specific purposes. With a 7-seater or a 13-seater maxi cab, you will be able to realize your travel purpose without any hassle or difficulties.


Choose wisely type of Transport Services provided in Singapore

Singapore is a popular tourist destination, so it is not surprising to see an abundance of options which are offered as transport services offered  to searching passengers. Whether you are up for a vacation or you wish to travel from the city to another country, maxi cab booking proves to be a very effective way for you to have your travel itineraries done. Hiring or booking a maxi cab gives you the opportunity to share your travel experience together  in big group of five to thirteen passengers.


Value for $$$ rates and packages, You pay less for More

Making the time to book a maxi cab service for your Singapore tour actually allows you to be in your transportation budget, as there is no peak-hour or surging meter charges. Whether you are on a tight budget or you simply want to come up with something that offers practicality at its best, maxi cab booking proves to be an effective way to do it. If you are going to scout around, you will discover that many transport  service providers in the city are offering fees and fare rates that are ridiculous.


Type of Services that you could choose from

Maxi cab booking has various types of services such as point to point city transfers, airport transfers, wheel-chair transfers or hourly booking which is best if you plans to covers everything that Singapore has to offer.

Engaging these services, guarantees a reliable and comfortable ride for any travel purpose that you have planned. And FYI, booking a maxi cab in Singapore does not requires you to pay any advance booking fees and even the ERP. But do keep in mind you will be admin charges for payments using credit card. Nevertheless, our company offers the most affordable rates and packages compared to other providers in the city. Just dial +65 9895 2595 for any enquries or bookings and Be Driven in Style with Us!

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