Mini Bus and Coach Bus Charter Service for Students

Mini Bus and Coach Bus Charter Service for Students

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Luxury chartered mini bus rental for school can be an economical and extremely safe way of picking up students and dropping them off at their respective institutions as well as sending them back home. MaxiCABooking SG has for some years now advanced its well-maintained flotilla of mini-buses on hire as well as extended leases for a range of services.

These services are inclusive of but not limited to school transportation, home drops, summer camp ferrying, and study tours. What is it about MaxiCABooking SG that makes some of the most reputed schools in Singapore entrust their diversified transportation needs to this luxury bus charter service provider again and again?

Mini Bus and Coach Bus Charter Service: Safety First and Always

MaxiCABooking SG has always accorded the highest premium to safety when it comes to transporting passengers. So, it goes without saying that this limousine coach rental agency has taken all the necessary steps or precautionary measures for safely transferring students and kids. The chartered buses that the rental outfit provides are always maintained and serviced in order to enable a secure ride.

The vehicles are outfitted with a state-of-the-art braking system; every bus is equipped with the latest safety measures and there is an emergency exit in every vehicle helping in fast evacuation. All the minibuses and maxi-cabs are equipped with GPS devices thereby helping in effectively responding to concerns of parents or guardians. At the same time, the installed GPS gadgets are instrumental in keeping tabs on driver performance.

Experienced Mini Bus and Coach Bus Drivers: Moderate Rates that are Affordable

MaxiCABooking SG simply doesn’t believe in making compromises when it’s a matter of safe and secure transportation. Towards this end, the transport firm recruits chauffeurs and drivers who have several years of driving experience under their belts. The chauffeurs are recruited only after they’re successful in clearing the stringent driving tests and other stipulations. Each and every driver’s past professional background is screened thoroughly before he is cleared for recruitment or employment.

Several schools that have requisitioned MaxiCABooking SG for chartered minibus and coach services in Singapore have found to their delight that hiring a bus from a third-party service provider works out cheaper than owning and maintaining a fleet. Once a school or an educational institution entrusts its transportation projects to MaxiCABooking SG, it doesn’t need to worry about parking the vehicles, refueling, finding a shortcut for timely transportation during a snarl-up, and so on.

The biggest relief that accrues to schools when they rent a luxury bus is that they are relieved from the responsibility of having to maintain and periodically service the vehicles. The agency has been in business for a long period and is well aware of the requirements of its clients. With a big fleet of vehicles in their kitty, the company is capable of catering to both big and small requirements.

So why wait? Call or book a Mini Bus and Coach Bus Charter Service online now !!

  • ✓Economical (flat rate with no additional charges)
  • ✓Convenience (book one bus instead of multiple taxis)
  • ✓ Comfort (up to 7 pax and 7 luggage of mixed sizes)

Call us to book a Maxi Cab or for more information regarding our services. Our friendly operator will assist you 24×7.

For 24hrs Mini Bus and Coach Bus Charter Service @ +65 9895 2595

Please provide the following details :

  • Pick up Time & Date
  • Pick up Address
  • Drop off Destination
  • Type of Service (One Way, Hourly, Wheelchair, Bulky Items)
  • Number of Passengers
  • Number of Bags

Our range of fleet includes

Available services

  • 1 or 2-way transfers  – Available for trips to Singapore attractions, company events, weddings
  • Airport transfers– Available for both departure and arrival. Our arrival service comes with basic pick-up and a premier meet-and-greet service strongly recommended for first-time travelers and corporate clients.
  • Hourly charter – Our value-for-money package is ideal for tourists to explore the Lion City, weddings, and corporate clients’ transportation to company meetings. The package is also recommended for trips that require multiple extra stops and waiting times.

Other Maxi Cab Services

  • Wheelchair Transfer – MaxiCABooking SG offers safe and comfortable transportation for our less disabled customers with our Maxi Cab wheelchair transfer services. We provide both 7 seater maxi cab and  9 seater minibus wheelchair service that is specially catered to clients with physical disabilities
  • Bulky Items Transfer – It would be complicated to move bulky and oversized items from one location, such as Ikea, to another location or home. This is why MaxiCABooking SG  provides these services to our valued customers.

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