How to Book a Maxi Cab in Singapore

How to book a maxi cab in Singapore?

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Singapore Maxi CAB Hotline 24hrs @ +65 6200 7759

Singapore is overflowing with landmarks and must-see places.  If you want to visit the metro any time soon, make sure you book a maxi cab in Singapore.

Maxi cabs are highly recommended because of the numerous perks of this transport service. Minibuses and maxi cabs  are popular among locals and tourists in SG.

This type of affordable transportation solution gives you countless benefits from convenience to safety to great comfort.

There are various methods on how you can make the booking and reservation in Singapore for your maxi cab service.

Different companies are offering booking methods that would guarantee the convenience of their customers.

Thus, it is imperative to find the best maxi cab service provider before you hire one.

Take a look at some of the top methods for booking a maxi cab or minibus charter in SG

Via SMS. This is one of the most modern and easy ways to book a maxi cab in Singapore. You can simply send SMS to the company.

Most service providers allocate their number that is usually found in their official website.

  • Send them the important details such as your contact number, full name, and the kinds of services you need. Some of the most important information necessary are the pickup and drop off destinations, date of arrival and departure, and the type of vehicle you need.

Via Online. The Internet is no doubt an effective and convenient place to start your search and reservation. Use online booking to arrange your private tour or transport service in Singapore.

  • Most maxi cab and minibus charter companies have their own official websites in order for clients and customers to communicate with ease. You can find online inquiry as well as booking forms that you can easily fill out for details. Wait for a confirmation email or other means of communications from the service provider.

Via Hotline. It is important to call the maxi cab company if you want to book a maxi cab in Singapore. Make sure you have all the necessary details before you call their hotline. Most companies have 24/7 hotline with toll-free features.

  • Prepare the salient details that you need to provide from your scheduled trip to all your other travel preferences. Provide the number of passengers that will be accommodated so that the company can allocate the ideal ride for you.

MaxiCAB Booking SingaporeAbout Payment Modes

Different maxi cab companies offer varied payment methods for your convenience. There are companies that require down payment for the confirmation of your booking. Others accept cash, credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, and many others. Talk to the service provider before proceeding into further transactions.

It is easy to book a maxi cab in Singapore. The real challenge is for you to find a trusted and reputable company to hire. Enjoy your visit and adventure to SG with the right transport solution.

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