Minibus Hire Singapore: Why More Tourists Prefer Charter Rides

Minibus Hire Singapore: Why More Tourists Prefer Charter Rides

A minibus hire Singapore service is one of the top preferences for today’s SG tourists.

You can browse the Internet and find minibuses or maxicab companies offering this option. The services you can get from this transport solution varies but 1 thing for sure is you get to go around SG without having to hail a cab or waiting for public transits. It is like having your own private car or bus in the metro. More and more tourists as well as locals recommend hiring a minibus or maxicab when you go and visit SG for business or leisure.

Top Reasons why Minibus Hire Singapore is the Ideal Transportation

Public transit and taxis are just few of the other options you can choose aside from a minibus hire Singapore. These transport services have their pros and cons to begin with. However, there are more reasons why hiring a chartered ride is better than public transits and taxis. Here are some of the things avid customers are pointing out:

Cost Effective

One of the top reasons why minibuses and maxi cabs are better is because of the budget-friendly feature. You may initially think that hiring a minibus or maxicab 9 seater is expensive. This is not the case at all. In fact, you can easily choose from a wide range of packages that would suit the budget of your group. There are economical minibus units while others are more luxurious for more affluent budgets. The important thing is that you can choose to save or go all out on your vacation dollars.


Minibus hire in Singapore is no doubt more secure compared to other transport solutions. You can make arrangements for the pickup and drop off, hassle-free. You need not wait in line for taxis or get queued for your turn in a bus station. All you have to do is make prior arrangements with the company and you have your own private ride all throughout your trip if you choose to.

Better Accommodation

Chartering a ride for your SG adventure is better in so many ways. For instance, it is the ideal ride for group excursions and getaways. You can travel in smaller or larger groups and there is a perfect vehicle for you. Everyone is accommodated and you can travel all together without fuss. Contemporary minibuses vary in size and passenger capacity thus, make your booking ahead of time to reserve the ideal ride.


Today’s chartered minibuses in SG are fully equipped with the best features for your convenience. The minibuses and maxicabs comes with fully air-conditioned features, modern and spacious interiors and classy and sophisticated designs. You can also request for additional services such as transportation for bulky items or wheelchairs transfers. The aim is to let you enjoy your Singapore adventure starting from your transport service. There are so many landmarks that are waiting for you to explore in the booming metropolis and beyond. Make sure you have worry-free and quality SG getaway with everyone in tow. Choose a minibus hire Singapore service and enjoy the ride!

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