Reliable Maxi CAB and Party BUS Services

Reliable Maxi CAB and Party BUS Services

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Everyone loves to travel and travelling to other countries are always deemed as an adventure. Whenever we are travelling, we will also look forward to trying new things – it can be new food, new culture and also new form of transportation. Among all, taking a taxi will always be the chosen form of transportation but unfortunately in every country around the world, there will be this niche group of taxi drivers who are dishonest and are out to cheat tourists in their country. Taking a taxi is a cheap, easy and comfortable way of transportation. But with thousands of taxis driving around city with many different operators, it is hard to differentiate which is honest and which is not especially in a country with strict laws like Singapore. Of late, we at MaxiCABooking SG have received quite a number of calls and emails from tourist who had been cheated or conned by taxi drivers here in Singapore. Below is the most frequent that we have heard.

Overcharging of credit card

Unlicensed Street Party Bus Drivers – This is becoming a very common trick pulled on tourist by unlicensed street pickup party bus drivers. After the late partying and the morning hungover, many tourist realised that they have been charged by these unlicensed street party bus drivers. Some of the amount are up to 10 times of what was the actual cost of the trip agreed earlier!  These drivers are usually driving out of free time and are not attached or employed by any legal company. They attract tourist by giving cheap party bus rides to get tourist to hop on to their bus. Most will also serve alcohol by shots in the party bus – DO NOTE THAT ITS ILLEGAL TO SERVE ALCOHOL IN A PUBLIC & PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE IN SINGAPORE!

Taxi Drivers – This trick is being pulled off differently by taxi drivers and this scam will usually happen in the night time. Picking up tourist from clubs and pubs, taxi drivers will usually mention that they don’t have loose change when a tourist wants to pay by cash and asked if payment can be made by using a credit card. As they drop off the tourist at the hotel, they will swipe the credit card and thereafter inform that they are out of receipt. So when the tourist realised that they had been overcharged when they received their credit card statement – it is definitely way too late!

Being a licensed company to provide travel options for your needs, we at MaxiCABooking SG takes pride in all our customers and their bookings. We ensure that our drivers are honest and professional. This is a criteria set across all our services – from our normal 4 to 44 seater transfers to our line of party buses. Our customer support hotline is available 18 hours daily to assist you with any queries. We also have a whatsapp no for you to whatsapp us be it for queries or bookings. If the booking is made through us, we will be able to trace the assigned drivers and assist you in solving your problems. Reach out to us to start the enquiry process. Our customer support team are just a call / whatsapp or email away to assist you in booking your transport to suit your needs.

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