What Every Tourists Should Know When Visiting Singapore

What Every Tourists Should Know When Visiting Singapore

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Singapore is a full of interesting place that everyone would want to visit and explore at least once in their lifetime. But it is important to make sure you have arrange your transportation before your visit here. Whether it is a maxicab or minibus, it would be a life saver having your ride waiting and ready to go the moment your flight landed at the Singapore Changi Airport. With your tranportation needs while you are here booked and arranged, you can easily travel around Singapore in a breeze. Being all set, all that is left to know when visiting Singapore are this three important not to do’s.

Chewing gum is illegal here in Singapore

If you are the kind of person who has the habit of always chewing gum wherever you are, be it at the office, school, or just out and about, then that will have to change if you are going to Singapore. Chewing or having some of that delicious gum in your possession is considered a crime and you might be arrested if caught. It seems like a tiny thing, but you wouldn’t want to spoil your vacation by getting being detained in a cell because of gum. If this is a habit, then its time you put a hold on it when in Singapore and know that every time you throw in that gum in your mouth, you are committing an offence there.

Smoking are only allowed in designated areas

Pulling out your cigarette and lighting it up at just anywhere can land you in big trouble when in Singapore. Smoking is considered unhealthy and has a lot of disadvantages to the health of a human being. As a result, there is a need to protect non-smokers. Even so, the government of Singapore has made sure there are enough designated areas for smokers. These areas are always open, and if you are a smoker, then you can go in and fire away. The places are free of charge so there is no need to worry about spending money on entrance fees.

Getting caught with such an offence of smoking where you shouldn’t, will get you a huge fine of $1000, which is money that you can put to good use in other areas to make your stay in Singapore even more amazing. So, whenever you visit this incredible place, be very alert and make sure to not be caught smoking where you shouldn’t.

No sale of alcoholic drinks after 10pm

More specifically, they are not cheap in many hotels and restaurants there. However, it does not mean that it is entirely impossible for you to have a good time there. The best possible thing that can you do if you want to have a drink is to make use of the duty-free shops and purchase your alcohol from there. Otherwise, you always have the option of buying beer from hawkers center or 7/11 outlets. But do keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol in public after 10.30 pm is not allowed. So, you better get your beers and best make your way to your room to make merry.

The information may make you want to change your mind about visiting Singapore, but if they didn’t have their own rules and regulations, then it wouldn’t be a place that will entice you or anyone else to visit there. The good, bad and weird is what makes Singapore the place where you should head for your next destination for a holiday and make sure you ride on a Maxi cab in Singapore for a wonderful trip.