Why rent a Maxicab and Minibus 6-13 seater passenger vehicle?

Why rent a Maxicab and Minibus 6-13 seater passenger vehicle?

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If you are a family or traveling in a group of four or more, our 7 and 13 seater passenger vehicle series can help you save considerably. Avoid high taxi and transport costs by being driven in a multi-seat vehicle with costs that are similar prices to a sedan. Vans can usually accommodate 7 passengers, but larger versions are available with up to 13 seats.


Group travel is often fun and if you have a large family then renting a maxi cab or mini bus gives you the ultimate flexibility for touring, dining, and attending family or even business functions. It’s a no brainer as the cost of a transfer for your group will be cheaper than multi vehicles and the best part is, you get to travel everywhere TOGETHER IN ONE VEHICLE! To top it off, the vehicle often come with DVD and media facilities. Our vans serve you well for day trip outings or Singapore’s popular tourists attractions and hoping around the island.

Affordable rates available!

We pledge to give you the cheapest deals on car rentals and vans for hire. We offer unbeatable prices on the web for quick, easy booking, supported by 24 hour customer’s services and secured online payment.


We’ll see to it that you get what you pay for, providing full details on type of vechicle and what is included for your bookings. Let us remove the hassle of shopping around with affordable maxi cab and mini bus for hire. Besides, we’ve made sure the web booking procedure is simple, straight-forward and gets you to the end without distraction. Why put up with all the up-sell annoyances when all you want to do is get your vehicle booked efficiently. Without trawling the web you can choose from van or car hire, across the budget range. Whether you’re in need of transport for 6, 8, 12 or even 15 passengers, we have a vehicle for you.

Key benefits of hiring our 7-13 seater!

– Ability to transport up to  7 to 13 passengers

– Travel in style, with a spacious cab and added facilities

– Plenty of room for luggages

– Flexibility to go where you want when it suits you

– Saves plenty when traveling as a family or group

Why us? We strive to give you the best and below are some common mistakes to avoid while hiring a passenger van

– Booking through an disreputable company

These days many Internet booking sites are simply affiliate agents for the big brands. That’s not such a bad thing because they can compare deals, but make sure they support you with reliable customers services. Check to see if they have properly published business registration details or customers services that are available 24/7.


– Most importantly! Hidden costs!

You’ve seen it before, booking flights or other transport at rock bottom rates only to discover that the price nearly doubles by the time you get to pay. Be wary of overly cheap deals, and mistrustful of sites that are constantly adding on extras that you don’t need. There are often boxes to be ‘unchecked’ for options ad-ons, including airport surcharges etc

We at Maxicabooking will always ensure that you have good quality of seats to enable you to sit comfortably during the journey and have an enjoyable travel experience.

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